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HARATI WOOLLENS KNITWEAR (P).Ltd  Is Registered under the Company law of kingdom of Nepal and based in Kathmandu. Our Motto is Quality Products and we had never compromised quantity with quality. HARATI PASHMINA,Nepal's most esteemed Pashmina/Cashmere production house with the largest production and suppy/distribution network. HARATI PASHMINA Knitting and Weaving Industry has been in the Pashmina/Cashmere business of Nepal for the last two decades. With a full fledged production force of hundreds skilled and semi skilled employees, we believe, we can further assume production capabilities of higher competencies. Based as a production company, we consider it our obligation to fulfill each and every demand from our customer regarding Pashmina and Cashmere. The company's philosophy today is "You get what you pay for". If we are paid well our Cashmere knitwear's can be as good as the ones made in Italy and Scotland. Our shawls are the same, we have varied qualities and accordingly different wholesale prices to cater to the needs of our diversified buyers.


  • Company registered on Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal pashmina industry association, Kathmandu
  • Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal
  • Office of the Cottage and small Scale industries, Kathmandu
  • Department of Industries
  • Trade mark Registration, Department of Industries
  • Planet Finance Nepal, Kathmandu


Pashmina Products

Mystic Pashmina products are an art where each motif, each style unfolds an exciting story of human achievements! A sense of dignity comes from the essence of Pashmina. A person draped in Pashmina leaves a lasting impression - experience it your self!



Pure Pashmina

Pure Pashmina yarn comes from the underbelly and neck of the Himalayan Mountain Capra Hircus Goat. It is believed to be the warmest, finest and lightest yarn man has ever discovered.


100% Pashmina Shawl

Ideal wrap for the riches and royalties. Beautifully made in 100% Pashmina, Shawls carries a legacy of 17-18th century Emperors of Mughal India, Sultans of Persia and Royalties of Europe. Woven in a softest yarn of the world, pure pashmina shawl ensembles the beauty and dramatic texture that human civalization has ever achieved. Pure pashmina shawl has loose/or twisted fringes of 6-10 cms long, on both ends. Purely handmade in every steps of the production cycle, this shawl is one to keep and pass down through the generations. Available in all shades, style and colours.


Pashmina/Silk Blended Products

Pashmina is woven on a base of silk. Silk gives the classic cashmere wraps or fabrics a more slender silhouette, great drape and an elegant sheen.


HARATI's Fabrics

HARATI's fabrics are ingeniously designed in 100%, 70/30% pashmina/silk, 50/50% pashmina/silk combination to cater the need versatile and sensual men and women. Our very contemporary hand-made fabrics, inspired by Kashmiri textile design of the 18th century are ideal cloth for the fabrication of Regal coat. In fact, no fabric comes finer than pashmina/silk. These fabrics are available in classic colors in modern designs and textures.


Our Fabrication Include

Longcoats, Ponchos, Ladies Capes, Pullover, Jumpers, Wraps, Baby-blanket, Nightgowns, fashionable ladies modern and casual wears, Headwears, other accessories and more etc.

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Email: haratipashmina@gmail.com
Email: info@haratiwear.com